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Imonomy Interactive was founded in 2012, and is currently based in Tel Aviv, Israel. The company provides an in-image advertising solution that helps publishers and advertisers monetize both their web and mobile sites and generate a larger volume of revenue. Imonomy works by creating the ad within a relevant image, increasing user view count. Imonomy combines contextual semantic analysis, big data analytics, and consumer behaviors in order to determine the best image to generate interest. One of Imonomy's main goals lies in fulfilling not only the needs of the publisher, but also of the user, creating dual engagement in the product and a better user experience as well as higher monetization.

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Business & Marketing Strategy: Imonomy's original business model included a freemium model that allowed for shared ad revenue with their publisher customers. At this point the company was using software in order to analyze text on websites and match copyright free images to the content in order to improve ad views. In 2015 they changed their business model and currently offer in-image advertising, in which advertising content is placed over a relevant image, eliminating interference in the user experience and increasing user engagement. The product is still marketed towards publishers and advertisers, but also takes into account the user's desires. In a mid-2013 article, the company claimed that they would be profitable by the end of 2013, however, they have since changed business models, and it is unclear whether they remain profitable. According to website Owler.com, they project the company's revenue to be $3.8 million, however, this number was not provided by, nor confirmed by Imonomy. The company currently states that they service over 13,000 publishers, however they do not list pricing for their product, making it difficult to determine their actual revenue, which they have chosen not to make public. Due to the increase in user base over the past three years, in addition to the fact that they have increased their headcount by 138% over the last two years, it appears that the company is indeed making some profit, or on their way there.

Competitive Position: Imonomy operates in the in-image advertising market and faces competitors that are larger and better funded than they are. However, Imonomy has received many positive reviews and has a growing user base of high profile clients. To date Imonomy has raised $1.9 million since their 2012 founding. GumGum, an in-image advertising and visual intelligence solution that claims many Fortune 100 companies as customers, has raised $36.83 million since 2007. PopMarker, an interactive in-image advertising platform for publishers and advertisers has yet to raise funding since their 2013 inception. Vibrant Media, which has raised $17 million since their 2000 founding is an advertising company that acquired in-image advertiser ImageSpaceMedia, which ads to their product offerings. Luminate, founded in 2008, which was acquired by Yahoo in 2014, is an in-image advertising and related content platform. Other competitors include Netseer, a concept based advertisement targeting solution for publishers and advertisers, Stipple, a platform that enables advertisers and publishers to tag content within an image and link it to the place of purchase, and solutions such as Wibbitz and Wochit, which are text to video platforms marketed to publishers and advertisers in order to increase monetization.

Market Forecast & Exit Indicators: In-image ads have recently become more popular because they allow publisher and advertisers to circumvent the ad-blocking trend. This is especially necessary since Apple introduced ad-blocking capability on their iPhone in 2015. According to a report by Pagefair and Adobe, nearly 200 million people currently use ad-blocking tools (at a cost to publishers of more than $21.8 billion in lost revenue). Experts state that the future of ads is visual and that in-image ads are one of the most promising solutions currently available on the market for publishers. According to media experts, by 2018 84% of communication will be visual. This is backed up by a study that suggests that images are processed 60,000 times faster than text by the human brain. According to emarketer in-image advertising's main benefit is that it doesn't detract from user experience. They state that by 2017 digital ad spending will surpass TV ad spending to reach a total of $77.37 billion, comprising 38.4% of total ad spending.

Professional & Customer Reviews: Imonomy has received many reviews for their advertising solution, most extremely positive. Israel 21c called Imonomy one of the "Top 12 adtech companies in Israel" while MoneyHomeBlog called it one of the top companies in the industry. According to Blognife, Imonomy is a "pioneer in visual semantic tools and technologies" and listed it as one of the top 5 in-image advertising networks of 2016. Webloggerz said the company offered advertisers and publishers a lot of benefits, and internet marketer and blogger Kevin Muldoon named it as one of 7 powerful tools to overhaul your online marketing strategy. The company scored 4/5 stars on Thalmus and 4.4/5 stars on Facebook reviews, with a total of 24 reviewers calling the product "amazing" and "excellent". There were many pros associated with the product, including the fact that it helped publishers easily generate revenue, the images were equipped for SEO and the product was simple and easy to use. The only negative repeatedly cited was the lack of customization available directly to the user, and the fact that it was necessary to call Imonomy in order to get any customization done.

Inside Scoops: Imonomy was forced to change direction with their business model in 2015 when Google named their plugin, Visadd, as the number three biggest ad injection software, along with companies such as Superfish and JollyWallet. Imonomy pulled Visadd directly afterward and put a stop to all its ad injection activity in order to prevent being blocked by Google in SEM campaigns. The new direction seems to have worked well for them, as under the new direction they have increased their customer base and gained traction in media and positive consumer reviews.

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