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Iguazio, founded in December 2014, has developed a data management platform that is rebuilding the framework for dealing with Big Data, ioT and cloud applications. Iguazio’s software consolidates data into a repository and makes it accessible to many applications such as files, messages, and streams through the application programming interface that each app needs. This allows enterprises to accelerate the performance of real time and analytics and process big data at lower costs.

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Business & Marketing Strategy: Iguazio launched their flagship product, Enterprise Data Cloud (EDC), at the end of September 2016. According to iguazio, the EDC platform performs 10 million transactions per second and throughput of 50GB/sec with sub-100 microsecond application latencies, across streaming, NoSQL, objects and files. The platform is currently in early use at financial and cloud-based services companies, and will be available globally during the second quarter of 2017. According to the company’s LinkedIn account, only 9% of the workforce is currently dedicated to business development tasks, and there are no employees listed in the marketing and sales departments.

Competitive Position: The short life of iguazio’s product, in addition to the limited information available about the company’s user base, makes it difficult to determine which companies iguazio is in direct competition to; however, media outlets have pinpointed MapR as the player to beat. Founded in 2009, MapR has raised over $200M from several notable investors such as Silicon Valley Bank, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Mayfield Fund, and New Enterprise Associates, and a large partnership network that includes Amazon, Google, and Cisco among others. In addition to MapR, iguazio will have to compete against several other established companies such as Cloudera and Hortonworks, as well as public cloud providers, with their biggest challenge being having to persuade enterprises to trust a young and still unproven company instead of established competitors in the space.

Market Forecast & Exit Indicators: According to IDC, one of the world’s largest market intelligence providers, the big data market will grow six times faster than the overall IT market in the upcoming years. A report by Ralph Finos, Ph.D. in Applied Research Methods and former VP at IDC, states that the market grew 23.5% during 2015, led by Hadoop platform revenues, and is forecasted to grow from $18.3B in 2014 to $92.2B by 2026, experiencing a strong 14.4% CAGR.

Professional & Customer Reviews: At the moment there are no available reviews of iguazio’s technology, but media outlets who wrote about the company seem highly intrigued and eager to learn more about it. Iguazio’s performance and cost claims are described as “dramatic” and “impressive” when compared to the technologies currently available in the market. Professionals believe that a product offering 10-100x faster access to data by applications could disrupt the industry, and grant iguazio’s a successful B-round funding in the near future.

Inside Scoops: Iguazio’s focus is currently set on the development and improvement of their technology and product, dedicating most of their workforce to this tasks. The large majority of their listed employees (54%) are dedicated to R&D tasks, followed by IT (12%) and QA (7%). The company has invested in putting together a strong R&D team, with half of the employees bringing over six years of experience and a third of them with over a decade. Iguazio currently has five open positions, four of which are within the R&D department suggesting that they are content with their current focus and DNA.

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