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So….we keep talking about our “5-day reports”, but what do they actually look like? Well, here are examples of 3 such reports. These were compiled in fewer than 5 days with no inside information what so ever. These reports demonstrate the synergy between publicly available information, an expert community, and a powerful engine that gells them all together.

Hope you find it interesting. Enjoy and contact us at startups@zirra.com if you're interested in further details.


Yotpo developed a software platform that generates product reviews and social reviews on the customer’s website. Yotpo automatically provides Mail After Purchase (MAP) to consumers, asking for a review of the item as well as to share the purchase and review on social sites.

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Victorious develops branded mobile apps for creators, allowing them to share exclusive content with their most dedicated fans.

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Tapingo is a mobile shopping platform that targets dense retail environments and combines contextually - aware native apps with easy operational integration at local shops.

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