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Yallo, the Tel Aviv based phone call platform launched in 2012 for Android users, has become available to iPhone users as of November 2015. Together with the new app launch, Yallo has also announced an additional $2.5 million funding round led by Deutsche Telekom, a leader in German telecom. $2 million of the funding came through its T-Ventures investment arm, with the remaining $500,000 coming from Carmel Ventures. Yallo adds funding of $4 million to its recent Series A which was raised from Carmel Ventures back in March 2015.

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The Yallo app revamps the ordinary phone call with features never seen before. Automatically re-connect dropped calls, save a call, and share it. Click one button and a group phone call can be activated. Even interrupt a call for a priority caller. “Go Yallo,” as the company advertises: users will never drop a call with Yallo because it operates on WiFi.

Selling to a worldwide market, however, is a big feat for Yallo. With Whatsapp on the market, where the very same concept of calling via WiFi exists, Yallo has some steep competition in the air. And with only 15 employees on their team, Yallo has a lot of work on their hands.

One angle that can be particularly interesting is with Yallo’s unique ability of storing a call. While regular consumers may find this feature as a potential compromise of their privacy, business environments and particularly globally distributed operations can find this feature extremely useful. Forwarding customer support calls, simultaneous translations and transcribing, group analysis of conversations flow, all of these are priceless and normally expensive benefits for the usual business to bare.

With its recent equity funding, Zirra’s valuation of $80 million and an estimated 3-4 years of ROI , Yallo has got plenty going for them. Yallo plans to use its new funding for expansion and more innovation.

This new technological world offers a powerful domain to the world of telecommunications. The question is how will Yallo take advantage of its new funding? Can it follow a clear business plan to live up to the power it holds?