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Wimbledon champion Andy Murray, currently ranked third in the tennis world, has joined equity crowdfunding platform Seedrs as an adviser.

Crowdfunding received a grand slam endorsement with the recent announcement that Wimbledon champion, Andy Murray, had signed a long-term partnership agreement with UK-based Seedrs to assist in health, sport and wearable technology and to advise on “relevant strategic areas”.

The tennis superstar, who is the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936, currently ranks third in the world. According to Seedrs, Murray will also invest in the platform’s companies, and will help to boost the crowdfunding platform, both in the UK and internationally.

Andy Murray joins Seedrs advisory board

Murray has developed an interest in investment, and actively pursues investment opportunities such as those presented by the crowdfunded startups on Seedrs. He has reportedly decided to build a portfolio of investments in the tech sector, and has stated that “I’ve always been interested in investment, and being able to get involved in an innovative way to help support British startups really appealed to me. I’m looking forward to working with Seedrs and the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.”

According to several reports, Murray has already been investing in Seedrs’ startups anonymously, and according to his business manager, Matt Gentry, has been interested in the crowdfunding space for some time. “Andy is a keen investor, with his own management agency alongside a property portfolio, which includes a hotel."

Gantry adds that "Crowdfunding is a space we’ve been looking at for a while, to complement his business interests, and he’s excited about being able to help startup businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK. Andy’s been lucky enough to have support from sponsors throughout his career, not only helping to aid him and his team financially, but also adding valuable mentoring in many cases. For him the opportunity to give something back to help up and coming business men and women was very appealing."

A valuable addition to the crowdfunding arena

A Seedrs spokesman explains that Murray's status as a leading, world-class athlete allows him to spot opportunities in the health and wearable technology space, and then advise Seedrs on these potential opportunities. Although the 28-year athlete will be a part of the Seedrs advisory board, he is not expected to advise individual investors or to recommend specific campaigns.

Murray's decision to join Seedrs advisory board may not be the most extraordinary celebrity endorsement, but it did take the business world by some surprise. Still, Seedrs believes the move is the right one for both the platform and for Murray. Jeff Lynn, Seedrs co-founder and CEO, said that Murray "represents the exact combination of qualities that entrepreneurs need to be successful: determination, focus, integrity and skill."

The crowdfunding platform, which reportedly has seen a 15% month over month growth, issued a statement saying that “this partnership represents the first time a major public figure has teamed up with an equity crowdfunding platform in this way, and it heralds a significant milestone in the development of the equity crowdfunding industry.”