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We're only a month into SUN 100 index tracking and quite a month it has been. Many deals, multiple financial rounds, and overall turbulence, out of the ordinary even in start up nation standards. More importantly, the overwhelming feedback we have received for our January launch announcement has triggered quite a bit of data and algorithm calibration.

But before we dive into details and numbers, a reminder of what SUN 100 is all about. Our index does not assume or predict valuations nor is it its ambition. The Zirra index mathematically reflects what current market valuations and expectations would have been had the private market enjoyed similar transparency and liquidity conditions as the public one.

How should it be used? as a reference and as a benchmark. For detailed analysis we would kindly ask you contact us separately and specifically.

So what have we learned and done? We have massively overhauled our storage ranking matrix resulting in a strong move by Infinidat. ForeScout announced a financial round, and revenue figures have driven it to a Top 3 position. Taboola, having secured new deals with Microsoft and AOL, has surged to #2 while establishing leadership over its competitors and restoring an overall sentiment of confidence for its sector.

And hey, the SUN 100 Index now covers 71 different Israeli companies. This means that different Israeli private tech companies should be effectively valued at $100M or more. I'm sure that in the coming months this number will continue to grow as company coverage increases and becomes more in-depth.

And now, to the chart.