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WeissBeerger operates in the beverage analytics market, and creates IoT devices that facilitate the monitoring and tracking of beer taps, soda machines, coffee machines, and more. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, and has offices in the US and UK. In addition to a growing presence in Europe, the company has been featured on top tier news outlets in Japan and Korea and has been focusing on increasing their presence in Asia.

The company was founded by Omer Agiv, Ori Fingerer, and Eli Fishel, although only the first two are still with the company.

What I liked about WeissBeerger is that it does is something I’ve never seen before. On a daily basis I see dozens of data management softwares, CRMs, and cybersecurity companies - but a company that’s trying to revolutionize the beer industry? It’s quite refreshing.


You can see above that WeissBeerger received the very respectable rating of 8.0, a nod to its experienced leadership, demonstrated success in the market, and the massive market potential. This is a company that is disrupting the beer industry - a market that largely hasn’t been changed in hundreds of years. Now that’s what I call innovation.

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I also liked that this company was actively pursuing the Asian market. That’s not something many small or mid-size non-Asian startups do. WeissBeerger was featured in top-tier newspapers in Korea and Japan. Usually, with startups that begin outside the US, there is a clear pattern with their market targeting: the US. Getting to the US seems to be their only goal, even though, last time I checked, China, Japan, Korea, and the rest of Asia have consumers as well. In my experience, I’ve rarely encountered small or mid-size companies actively pursuing the Asian market.


Sitting around at a bar is usually a friendly, social, and relaxed experience. It’s a time where you are able to forget work and leave your stress at the door. WeissBeerger is trying to make that experience even better - by monitoring beer quality, quantity, and temperature, just to name a few of the available metrics.

WeissBeerger has a stellar team. And, that co-founder and CEO Omer Agiv has previously co-founded several ventures is just one example that. The company is expanding greatly, and has seen a 247% in total employee count over the past two years. The company is able to attract strong talent, with 49% of employees having over 6 years of work experience. It’s no surprise that workers are attracted to working at the company, it claims to offer some amazing benefits - endless beer on draft included.


It doesn’t just stop at WeissBeerger itself - the company is funded by some very well known Israeli investors. WeissBeerger has raised $7.5M across three rounds from investors including Gigi Levy Weiss, Innovation Endeavors, Israel Cleantech Ventures, Maxim Godin, ML-Delta, Rob Keve, and Victor Levitin.

I was also impressed that WeissBeerger invested $250K in Glassify, a Tel Aviv-based company which builds smart glasses which pair with an app on smartphones to offer users incentivized promotions and discounts. Glassify is a joint venture between WeissBeerger and Innovation Furnace (whose Turkey-based parent company is Pasabahce). It’s a rare event to see a young startup that has already invested in another company.

WeissBeerger has already proven that they can go beyond beer. WeissBeerger has partnered with Lancer in June 2016 to put their solution into soda devices, connected with Coca Cola companies. WeissBeerger came out with a new product that monitors the valves on beverage dispensers to include soft drinks and other non-alcoholic drinks in addition to beer.


With all that said, the company may face difficulties in establishing a strong US presence due to having to deal with the “3 tier system” which federally mandates middlemen in alcohol distribution. The 3 tier approach essentially means manufacturers have to sell products to a middleman and only the middleman can sell to bars, restaurants and consumers. WeissBeerger will have to rethink their business model a bit in order to fit their product to the US market because of the existing alcohol distribution system there.

I personally think this is a fantastic company. It’s undeniably interesting - you can’t tell me that smart beer taps aren’t cool - and the company has already seen great success across Israel, Europe, Asia, and in the United States. I can’t wait to watch and see WeissBeergers’ next steps.

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