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12 July 2015 Top 10 Investments

This week’s Top 10 Investments feature an interesting mix, with two software startups leading the pack, followed by a new addition, an ecological products company.

At the top of the top 10 list is EasyAsk, a smartphone-based language interface that helps people find information on e-commerce sites and in enterprise applications quickly and intuitively. EasyAsk enables the user to ask a question through the Smartphone using plain English, either written or spoken, and then delivers the information on demand.

The number two spot is held by Bitvore, which enables businesses to manage their information flow on the internet by searching for this information, indexing it, and correlating key changes to the business’s portfolio, competitors, customers, and suppliers. As such, Bitvore turns the internet into a practical source of intelligence for companies.

Number three on the list is EcoLogic Solutions, which manufactures and distributes environmentally preferable cleaning products and technologies to restaurants, offices, hospitals, hotels, schools, and other institutional users. EcoLogic Solutions is a B-Corporation, which means they are certified by the nonprofit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability, and transparency.