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You're looking for a new job. Five companies contacted you, you've filtered out three, and are left with two. Now, one of them is VERY eager to hire you. You know the company very well. It's been getting great press coverage for years, and when you finally meet the CEO in person, he made an excellent impression. A few days after your meeting, you get a call from the company: they want you badly. You're offered as much as 150% more than you earn at your current job.

But, then you read Zirra's insights. You understand that the company that chases you is in hot water. The company hasn't been showing signs of growth for a long time and VPs keep coming and going like a sliding door. You realize that this company is managed by a dominant CEO, who runs the company as a one-man show.

alt Choose your next job wisely. Tom Cruise at The Firm (1993)

There is another company that is ready to interview you, although not as eager as the first one. You've never heard about this startup before. The company also hasn't gotten much press yet and appears to be in stealth mode. But, after reading Zirra's reports you realize it might be a perfect fit.

This is a very young company founded by two serial entrepreneurs that had already sold a company for $100M. They left the tech giant just six months ago and they are now searching a third member to complete their A-Team. The company has already raised a seed round, is hiring 5 new employees every month and is on the break of releasing the product into the market. The compensation package you're offered here might be lower than the first one, but you agree to take it, knowing that you'll be a part of a great team in a mission you can identify with. Most important of all, you know you'll be more satisfied with your new job.

alt Know your next boss. Office Space (1999)

Zirra's Spotlight Report for Smart Job Seekers

Zirra, a research company focused on startups and the private tech industry, is launching a new service for job seekers that allows them to get extra info and insights about companies they are engaged with or would like to engage with.

We create spotlight reports suited to job seekers with general info on requested companies, including HR-focused info, based on our AI tech, qualitative insights gathered from web resources, and our network of experts.

Job seekers can now get up to 5 free company coverages. If you wish to be a part of our job seeker campaign you can search for a company at after clicking the button below,


and than write "job seeker" under the menu (as in the picture below). Alternatively, you can use a promo code. Don't worry, our service is discreet.

Zirra's Spotlight for Job Seekers include several key points needed to help taking the right decision. The examples below are about different companies, but in an actual Spotlight Report for Job Seekers, all coverage is about the one particular company you request.

alt Keanu Reeves went to work for the devil himself (Al Pacino, at The Devil's Advocate, 1997)

  1. Full Competitive Landscape: TrapX is a pioneer in the cyber deception space. It raised $19M and employs around 60 people in Tel Aviv. But, at the same time the company is all of a sudden in a fiercely competitive space. Within a year, two promising startups such as Illusive Networks (raised $30m) and Cymmetria (raised $10.6m) made the market very crowded.

  2. LinkedIn Situation & Trajectory: Elastifile’s employee count has doubled in the past year according to statistics from LinkedIn. More than half the company’s workforce are in engineering roles, but today this number stands at 55% of employees, down from the 67% in Q4 2015. This may be indicative of changes in the company as it brings its product from development to the market.

  3. Glassdoor : Taboola’s reviews on Glassdoor are in good shape, as 64% of the reviewers would recommend working at the company to a friend. The CEO, Adam Singolda, also Taboola’s founder, has a 94% approval rate. The company as a whole gets a 3.9 out of 5 in the general rating. Diving into Taboola’s reviews gives a more complex picture of the company. In positive comments, Taboola is described as a company that employs talented professionals and has created a healthy working environment. In negative comments, employees mention self-centered management and an overall lack of vision.

  4. Open Positions Situation: The company DNA of Feedvisor maintains a workforce that breaks down in this way: 11% of the workforce is CXO/VP level employees, R&D (engineering and IT) makes up 32% of the total team, with sales representing 21% and marketing representing 8% of the total employee base. The rest of the total team is made up of support, HR, finance, and operations teams. The company is currently looking to hire new employees in the following departments; customer success, R&D, marketing, and US-based sales.

  5. Media Mentions About The Company & Management: "Chinese investors are bidding for IronSource. The company just refused a billion dollars deal (Calcalist). "Ex-BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins, Quits Wireless Charging Company Powermat" (Bloomberg).

alt Nobody told you he's not the original CEO of this company. How could you know? (Stephen Tobolowsky as Jack Barker, HBO's Silicon Valley, 2016)

Zirra's original products serve mainly investors, supplying them with more elaborate and extensive research on demand. Zirra's insights are synthesized from metrics produced by our proprietary AI, machine learning algorithms, and an expert network we use to calibrate the data system and to produce exclusive insights on companies.

The proprietary big data technology allows us to scale and evaluate startups' metrics within seconds and our network of experts allows us create qualitative and valuable insights that no other directory can create.

Recently we launched a new offering called "Spotlight Reports." A Spotlight Report includes data with custom tailored insights that answer your questions, produced via our machine data analysis systems, and our human experts.

Our new product, Spotlight for Job Seekers, uses the same methods to bring a summarized version of all the information a candidate need in order to take the right decision for his career.

Choose your career path wisely. Ask Zirra and get information that no one, not even HR agents or headhunters will tell you.

alt Jennifer Aniston in Horrible Bosses, 2011