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23 August 2015 Top 10 Social Impact Investments

This week's top 10 focuses on the Top Social Impact investments, featuring a diverse range of socially-conscious investments - from ecological cleaning solutions and recycling to community action groups and solutions for people who special needs.

Rowheels, Inc develops reverse propulsion wheels for wheelchairs. The wheels are designed to minimize the factors that may cause repetitive stress injuries to the user's shoulders and wrists, by driving the chair forward when the user pulls on the handrim and backwards when the user pushes the handrim, thereby increasing speed and efficiency. Rowheels mission is to make the standard wheelchair wheel obsolete and Rowheels the norm.

Another interesting social impact investment is Net Zero Urban Greens, which is a sustainable start-up business and California Licensee for the Terrasphere System Technology. Net Zero Urban Greens, is currently in the pre-development phase of setting up leading edge hydroponic technologies to meet the growing demand for organically grown, locally-sourced food and vegetables. Their business model is designed to provide a food supply solution, especially to those with limited access to fresh, pesticide-free healthy foods at a reasonable cost.

An equally interesting investment is Change Heroes, an online fundraising platform that connects individuals to charities and the projects they want to support. What makes Change Heroes even more interesting is the fact that they are a for-profit company that uses all of its profits to do more social good, which is pretty cool. All of the money raised by Change Heroes is sent directly to its charity partners to implement the projects, which ensures an easy and transparent process for campaign runners and their friends.