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Evaluating Startups can be a nightmare. We believe investors, entrepreneurs, executives, reporters and pretty much everyone else deserves help in figuring out how much startups are really worth and in which direction they are heading.

Therefore, we track and calculate private company valuations and ratings based on collected information compiled by our proprietary algorithm, which are then curated by a community of experts. Our system conducts systematic proximity analysis with 1200 other companies and their history.

We dove into an incredible pool of 4,000 candidates and after reviewing over 500 Israeli startups we built the first public index for private companies, applied in this case to all Israeli companies we found to be worth $100M or more (+/- 10% deviation).

The ranking table is live! Clicking the image below will get you to the live profile. Do note though, investors invest money for many reasons and have their own information and considerations when choosing a company to invest in. Our ratings and metrics were built to serve as a helpful benchmark and not as a bible for investors and entrepreneurs.


Valuation - Current company value

Chances for Exit - The company's chance of producing a successful exit for its investors.

Exit Prediction - The value the company is likely to be sold for upon exit

Time to Exit - The expected time (years) it would take for an exit to take place

Overall, Team, Product, Momentum - all normalized on a "school curve", with 95% typically spread between 6 and 9, making 8 and above a bottom line very good grade.

Fully disclosing the meaning of our ratings and their functions is way too complex for a simple blog post. If you are interesting in learning more, by all means, drop me a note at startups@zirra.com

To give you a hint of an idea though, here's a very basic overview of how the algorithm predicts: